by Capricieuse

Hello to you, I present to you Pirate Island. ideal for this summer, a paradise island with its pirate-themed platform with lots of little nooks and crannies in the room. So you will find yourself in this room:

-an entrance to the warehouse dock area

-a dance platform with a mini bar 2 tables a central mini bar a DJ space on the mat and an observation post

-a bar area with tables

-a niche space with bed rests with an underwater view where you can observe sharks

-a relaxation area with lounge chairs, a central glass swimming pool with an underwater view where you can observe sharks.

-cave “gold mine and diamond mine”

-the beach and provide a towel hammock

-a skull and crossbones waterfall if you cross it it will send you to lagoon pools

-limestone cave

have a good trip to pirate island