by FakToy

I present you Plastic Beach, a cosy little home floating in the middle of the ocean.

Needless to say everything in this build is homemade.

It all started from a picture I saw, I enjoyed the hyper futuristic vibes of it. So I tried to reproduce a bit of it in the 3DX Editor, and then I created all of this house around this small starting point. Centered around those futuristic bubblegum 80s nerd vibes.

Living room, with many decorations. Small lounge and bar for guests. Enough space if you wanna play a round or two of Twister in the middle.

A Kitchen, in the middle of the home, giving view on the balcony suspended directly above the ocean. A little plateform to swim around, or chill, alone, with your beloved, or with your gang. There are seats for everyone.

And a bedroom/Bathroom combo. Here too you can invite your whole gang for a pajama party. Or you can play legos too, there is room for it. Just giving suggestion... 😄