by Lyndiana

Welcome to the heart of the Ghetto! A place best avoided by the uninitiated. In this room there are only unique places and dozens of poses everywhere. There are two apartments, two squats in a disused building, each with access to the roof. In a dead end you find a parking lot serving as a landmark, in this dead end there is Richie’s garage which offers some repairs in his workshop. The police are roaming the streets, busy with a crime scene between the skate park and the two-level parking lot. A little further on, the public toilets could use a good cleaning. Benches are placed under the bridge leading to the abandoned railroad. Going up, you can play a game of basketball on the playground before reaching the vacant lot where carcasses and abandoned objects are piled up. In the evening you can take your quarters in the building entrance with your friends to relax around a good beer. Have fun and watch out for the police!